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Fred Salmon '67 Noserider Shirt

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M.E.Gruber took this photo of SFM Board Member Fred Salmon at North Jetty, Ft. Pierce, in April of '67; he was fifteen.

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From Fred, "I remember the wave and the ride. Haha, it's easier to remember things when you can see them; being on the Surf Life Photography Team had its perks. Here's a picture of the team that day.

From the left - You have me, Mike Ross, who ended up on the Bill Holmesy team, my brother Phil Salmon, and Eddie Scozzari.

Later that year, I formed Sandy Shores Surf Club. Phil and Eddie were in Sandy Shores, and Mike was in Possum's Reef. Here we are leaning against Mr. Guber's '63 Chevy Impala. The bottom board is my 9'8" Rick Noserider with a concave nose, and the top panel is my brother's 9'4" Greg Noll. The masking tape on the nose is damage done by riding it at Peanut Island on a big east swell. Notice the wax on the knees from knee paddling."